Thursday, March 30, 2006

BallHoneys Victoria

I really thought we were going to strike out this time, and I was gonna blame it on the way JT was wearing his hat. When we first met Victoria she covered her titties, blocked the camera, and wouldn't even talk to us. A couple hours later we found her again, and this time she was in a better mood. As soon as we got her to the house this Latina was ready for anything. Now this girl could suck a dick. What a blowjob!! It was as if she was on a mission to gag herself. This girl must love to fuck because she was taking it like a champ. I love the sounds she made. She really was down for anything sexual. She even swallowed JT's man chowder. Great movie!

BallHoneys Bronze

WOW! Check this one out my fellow lovers of ebony skin... Bronze could NOT have a better name... that name just captures the very essence of her big round juicy black ass... it so perfect it looks like a statue! Not to mention her green eyes and big tits. After bumping into her roaming the sands of South Beach... Alex pointed out Bronze's buns catching some sun and told me he just had to have her! So we walked on over and asked her if she was interested in doing some modeling for us. After an enthusiastic yes.. we were off! I tell ya.. there has to be some truth to that "once you go black you never go back" statement... I think Alex has been turned to the dark meat.. and there's no cumming back! This chick's blowjobs are top knotch! The sex scenes are beyond hardcore.. they're damn near primal! I love this shit... Enjoy!

BallHoneys Luccia

Preston and I hit the beach in search of Latina tail again, and this time we found Luccia. Since she was lying out topless, I figured she would have no problem showing her big tits, and maybe more, to our camera. She told us she was vacationing from Brazil. So I guess she left the beaches of Brazil to see the beaches of Miami..... whatever, this chick was nuts anyways. Wait till you here all the crazy shit she had to say. When we got her to the pad we told her that we had to check her for scars or tattoos. We checked everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE. All that attention got her pretty worked up, or "horn" as she called it. Anyways, she was ready to fuck, and Preston always comes through. The blowjob was not only sexy, but entertaining with this girl's ramblings. Once the sex started, we both got a lesson in Spanish, Portuguese, and I think even some Italian. What a movie! I loved this girls tits!! They flopped around during the whole adventure. Gotta love that shit! Check it out....

BallHoneys Rane

Preston said he wanted to find an ebony sista with a nice ass, and her name turned out to be Rane. We found Rane sun bathing topless on the beach. I liked her perky brown titties. She seemed eager to do her first photo shoot, and we were eager to see if she'd fuck. I directed her out of her bikini, and had her play with her bright pink pussy. After that, all it took was asking for her to get things started with an awesome blowjob. This girl was no amateur. She bounced her fat ass on his dick like a basketball. Then she took Preston's 9 iron balls deep until she got her well deserved facial. This is a hot movie.

BallHoneys Monique

I had already worked things out with Monica. All we had to do was pick her up at the beach, and take her to the studio to fuck. She started Alex off with a blow job that turned into a 69. I thought Alex was gonna get smothered by that fat Latina ass. There's nothing like the sound of a Latina during sex. I loved watching her big ass bouncing on Alex's dick. Even better was watching her brown titties flop around while she got nailed. Another great amateur movie that you won't want to miss.